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Outdoor Temporary Construction Noise Barriers

Noise barrier is a temporary acoustic barrier for construction and industrial activities designed to reduce noise pollution and its effects on the surrounding environment, for example within residential or noise sensitive areas.

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Temporary noise control curtain for outdoor use, water and fire resistant with high UV protection, these barriers are designed in such a way that they can be hanged with minimal structure along the construction units. Designed on absorptive noise control method, this system gives highly effective noise solutions.

Product Parameter


Front: fireproof fiberglass fabric material.

Filing: acoustic cotton

Middle: 3mm MLV

Back: fireproof fiberglass fabric material.

Standard size:1x3m/1.2*6m

Thickness: 30 mm.

Weight: 6.2kg/square meter

Color: White/black/grey

Temperature range:‐40° to +180°F

Note: Any size can be customized according to your requirements.

Features & Benefits 

●High degree of absorption and acoustic performance.

●Available in 3 thicknesses dependent on requirements.

●Supplied in standards panels or bespoke sizes

●Modular construction – to make up any length and height

●Waterproof and flame retardant

●Can be hung from fencing, scaffolding structure or similar

●Choice of fixings available – eyelets, Velcro

●Quick and easy installation

●Can be co-joined to cover a larger area


●Noisy Plant & Machinery

●Construction works

●Building Refurbs

●Leisure facilities

●Sports & pitches

●Road Traffic Noise

●Music Venues

●Public Events

●Demolition Works

●Home using

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Testing report of Acoustic soundproofing curtain


Our acoustic blankets are a cost-effective, versatile solution to controlling any noisy environment, providing a high level of acoustic absorption for a wide range of uses.

This acoustic blanket system is supplied as modular units and they can cover any size of aperture or area by joining with industrial Velcro stitched into the sides enabling multiple curtains to join together to form an acoustic enclosure or screen.

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