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Portable Water Barrier for House

Portable and lightweight waterproof barriers help keep unwanted water out of your home and areas. Can be easily deployed without construction constraints. Ideal for flood protection into underground garages.

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Light weight and moveable, reusable, flame retardant water barrier, it can be deployed in any places, such as your house, road, street, river etc. It’s an good flood and water control system. 

Product Parameter:

Material:PVC coated tarpaulin+glassfiber plate

Standard size:300cm length x 30cm width x 30cm height

Color:Yellow(most of customers prefer yellow color) or Refer to PANTONE or RAL color book

Reflective strap:Grey(able to detect in the dark)




●A panel is enclosed in the side surface, and the cross section is kept in a triangular shape for stability.

●It is simple and easy to fold and can be stored in a neat shape.

●The water inlet and drain outlet are simple and match the watering hose.

●It is lightweight. (Approximately 11.5kg at 3 m)

●Stops the water level up to about 25 cm.


●Parking lot

●Residential house




Installation width approx. 30cm height approx. 300cm length. The amount of water is about 70L per 1m.

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