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Perimeter Flood Barrier with Reflective Strap

Flood is a very strict disaster, it will destroy you house, wet your furniture. We are not nothing can do! Even we can’t stop the flood at present, but we can control the flood trend by the perimeter flood barrier fence. Humans are no longer helpless in the face of natural disasters!

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Traditional perimeter flood barrier fences are only a fence without any striking designs. But now we used the most attractive bright color as the main body, back part with reflective strap so that you can see it existing in the middle night. 

Product Parameter:

Standard size:

Product Dimension(Inch)

Product Dimension(cm)

Packing Dimension(cm)

Product Weight(KGS)

Packing weight(KGS)

L 78.7” x W47.2” x H 35.4”

L 200 x W 120 x H 90

L 110 x W 26 x H 26



L 157.5” x W 47.2” x H 35.4”

L 400 x W 120 x H 90

L 110 x W 33 x H 33



L 78.7” x W 59” x H 47.2”

L 200 x W 150 x H 120

L 136 x W 26 x H 26



L 157.5” x W 59” x H 47.2”

L 400 x W 150 x H 120

L 136 x W 33 x H 33



L 78.7” x W 70.9” x H 59”

L 200 x W 180 x H 150

L 166 x W 26 x H 26



L 157.5” x W 70.9” x H 59”

L 400 x W180 x H 150

L 166 x W 33 x H 33



Color:Orange(most of customers prefer orange color) Refer to PANTONE or RAL color book

Reflective strap color:Grey


Weight:4KG/ square meter

Material:PVC coated tarpaulin / stainless steel accessories


●The service life is long, compared with the flood barrier of plastic material.

●It can be folded and takes up little storage space.

●Can be quickly deployed before the flood.

●No need to instill water, saving water resources.

●It can be quickly fixed to the ground, and screws provide assistance.

●It can be used in extremely cold, low temperature of -30 degrees Celsius.

●The length can be freely combined.

●Self-supporting flood protection barrier.

Application:residential area & gas station & River Embankment & road &street

Additional Information:

●PVC coated tarpaulin is ultra robust and abrasion resistant for installations on all types of surfaces.

●The flooding barrier is folded in a manner so that it can be deployed quickly in a body of water.

●D ring and belt to help expanded the length of barrier.

●Fiberglass plate help manipulate and elevate the ends of the flood barrier for best placement.

●Stainless steel connector make the barrier easier to fold and fix.

●Eyelets and pegs to help anchor the barrier. 

Product details
The flood barrier is a custom product and can be designed according to the size of the building as well as the height of the flood. It adopts an L-shaped structure, just like the triangular stability principle, which can withstand high water pressure.

Pls advise your request, we will give you suggestion.

All fittings are stainless steel material

Rust proof and mildew proof

Bottom with eyelets

Ensure the flood barrier is closer to ground

Self rising type

No need more maintenance

Working principle of flood barrier



This flood barrier can be used anywhere flood protection is required, without space limited.

Such as house, office, school, street. etc.

Size could be customized.

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