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Inflatable Quick Dam Flood Barrier

Install water-filled flood barriers along river banks or around buildings to protect buildings behind barriers from flooding. And this barrier is no need extra maintenance, it can be left up during autumn and winter each year to prevent flood and then removed and easily stored on pallets during the warmer months.

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The flood barrier moulds to its landscape, and the weight of the water filling the barrier holds it in place without requiring any additional equipment or supports. The flexibility of the flood barrier also means it can bend to fit around the benches and stairs, and the tough exterior is resistant to punctures. And it’s easy to install and remove, and won’t damage the landscape it’s placed upon.

Product Parameter:

Material:PVC coated tarpaulin


Standard size:

①21inch x 50m length

②21inch x 100m length

Color:Orange(color also can refer to PANTONE or RAL color book)


Valve diameter:3inch

Air exhaust vent:1inch

D ring:3inch


●Fast to set up-these water filled dam barriers can be moved quickly into the position and assembled on-site, much faster than traditional flood barriers, save more property in less time.

●Stable - even when damming water to full height.

●Flexible - works as well on lawns and meadows as it does on concrete and asphalt.

●No ground damage - from the device itself, not from heavy vehicles.

●Reusable flood defence systems – Use them exactly where you want them, and only when you need them.

●Extent the barrier to the length required-the flood barrier elements are strapped together end-to-end using a patented link system, to create a long continuous dam. Add more elements to make the barrier as long as required to hold back the flood water.

●Flexible to prevent leaks-the water filled barriers are flexible enough to adapt to the ground surface, so that there is little or no seepage underneath.

●Easy to transport-the flood barriers are transported deflated so they can be loaded and handled easily.


●Riverside flood defenses.

●Protect essential roads in flood zones.

●Single buildings to whole residential areas.

●Protect transport links such as trains by raising existing levees.

●Wide-area perimeter defence for industrial and commercial premises.

●Can be used as temporary cofferdam when working in water environments.

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