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Flood Protection Barrier Around House

Install water-filled flood barriers along river banks or around buildings to protect buildings behind barriers from flooding. And this barrier is no need extra maintenance, it can be left up during autumn and winter each year to prevent flood and then removed and easily stored on pallets during the warmer months.

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Flood barrier prevent and reduce storm damage to land, and buildings, and the associated economic costs. The flood barrier consists of two PVC tubes laid side by side, permanently joined together to form a twin element. The tubes are put in place, assembled and filled with water. The weight of the water in the tubes creates a  strong, solid wall to hold back the flood water. Tubes can be joined together end to end, to extend the length to make a long heavy flood barrier to prevent flooding over long distances, which is highly effective in preventing flood damage. Achieve efficient and durable flood protection that also provides convenience. Flood barrier, rolls up and stores easily on pallets for easy transport and future deployment.

Product Parameter:

Main material: 0.9mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Standard size: 90cm diameter x 5m/10m length (other sizes could be customized)

Color: Green, orange(other colors could be customized, pls refer to the RAL color chart and Pantone color chart)

Weight: 4kg/Meter

Key Characteristics:

●Affordable: You will not find a better water blocker for a better price. You'll save money tomorrow by avoiding flood damage today. Flood insurance isn't cheap, especially during hurricane season so don't wait to protect your home. 

●Easy to set and use: Protect your home with one simple, portable solution as opposed to sand bags and barriers. Set up can be done in as little as an hour depending on how much tubing you plan to layout around your home. Fill up time depends on the water source being used and once that's done, let our flood barrier be all the protection you could need!

●Withstand the flood up to 85inches: As we know, the average height of the flood water inside of the home is under 85inches and the water usually only stays up for a few hours. This kit forms a durable water gate that will prevent damages before they occur. We have designed and built this kit specifically for residential homeowners.

●No space limited: Our specialized flood control premium tubing can be used on concrete, grass, bare dirt, plus more! Dam Right can also be used for water diversion, water containment, water transport and water storage.

●Product guarantee: All products are Guaranteed for 24 months(During the warranty period, any non-human damage occurs, such as cracking, degumming, aging and other phenomena, we provide replacement service)

Applicaion field:

●Single buildings to whole residential areas.

●Riverside flood defenses.

●Protect essential roads in flood zones.

●Protect transport links such as trains by raising existing levees.

●Wide-area perimeter defence for industrial and commercial premises.

●Can be used as temporary cofferdam when working in water environments.

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PVC Coated Tarpaulin

plastic valve of flood barrier

Plastic Valve

air vent of flood barrier tube

Air Vent

D ring of flood barrier tube

D Ring

polyester handle flood barrier tube

Polyester Handle

Stainless steel grommet for flood barrier tube

SST Grommets

Product Comparison

product comparison of flood barrier

Data sheet for 0.9mm PVC coated tarpaulin

data sheet for 0.9mm PVC coated tarpaulin

SGS certificate
Burst pressure testing report for 0.9mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Burst Pressure Testing Report

Low temperature resistance testing report for 0.45mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Low Temperature Resistance Testing Report

Vertical burning testing report for 0.6mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Vertical Burning Testing Report

Application field
flood barrier,flood protection barrier,flood control barrier,water barrier
Flood barrier tube,flood protection barriers,flood control,tarpaulin barrier hose
Flood barrier tube,flood protection barriers,flood control,tarpaulin barrier hose
Flood barrier tube,flood protection barriers,flood control,tarpaulin barrier hose
Flood barrier tube,flood protection barriers,flood control,tarpaulin barrier hose
Flood barrier tube,flood protection barriers,flood control,tarpaulin barrier hose