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Water Inflated Cofferdam for Construction

Water inflated cofferdam is a water-filled dam that provides multi-purpose solution to your temporary dam requirements, such as boat ramp installations, bridge construction, shoreline stabilization, pipeline installation, repair, culvert installation and repair.

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Our water inflated cofferdams are constructed from industrial PVC coated polyester. The fabric is laminated with a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride. This allows the dams to be permanent faults in the river or streambed. Easily repaired, reused and stored in compact areas and offer ease of handling. The system uses the existing water for inflation and the barriers are completely removed upon project completion.

Product Parameter:

Main material: 0.9mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Color: Green, orange(other colors could be customized, pls refer to the RAL color chart and Pantone color chart)

Advantages of the Flood Control Barrier

●Flexible design allows custom

●Can be used in flowing waters

●Leaves subsurface undisturbed

●Quick installation is an advantage considering the possibility of fluctuating water levels

●More cost effective compared with steel gates

●Inflatable dams are not subject to corrosion compared with steel shutters

The Water Inflated Cofferdam dam could be used for the following projects:

Boat Ramps

River Crossing

Pipeline Construction


Sediment Control

Water Park Maintenance

Concrete Repair

Shoreline Restoration

Flood Protection


Utility Lines


Diversion Pipes

Pool Maintenance


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Our flood barrier could be used in many places, and suitable for many terrains.

Size could be customized without MOQ limted.

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Pipeline Construction

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Pool Maintenance