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Water Filled Inflatable Dam

Water filled flood dam provides an easy and effective water barrier that will help protect against dangerous flooding. Use these water filled dams to redirect water and to prevent flood damage at homes, offices, factories, events and municipal buildings.

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Each water filled flood control tube becomes heavy with water when filled, creating a durable barrier that protects against rising floodwaters. Once finished, it could be easily drains, rolls up and stores to be reused over and over again, whenever a flood threat arises.

Product Parameter:

Main material: 0.9mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Standard size:

①60cm diameter x 3m/5m length

②90cm diameter x 5m/10m length

(other size could be customized)

Color: Green, orange(other colors could be customized, pls refer to the RAL color chart and Pantone color chart)

Weight: 3.5kg/meter 4kg/Meter

Advantages of the Flood Control Barrier

●Highly effective and dependable

●Fast and easy to deploy

●Easy to remove

●It's economical

●Easy to manage


●It's a convenient and eco-friendly solution

Who can use the flood control barrier?

●Emergency Agencies

●Companies & factories

●Water Boards

●Local Authorities

●Damage Control Companies


●Homeland Security

●Army Corps of Engineers

●Construction and Utility Companies


●Flood protection of residential

●Flood protection of companies

●Critical infrastructure

●Water companies

●Utility companies

●Environment companies

●River diversion


●Land reclamation

●Water storage

●Liquids storage

●Cable and Pipeline works

●Construction work in wetlands

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This kind of water filled inflatable dam can be deployed with wheel.

10m water filled inflatable dam can be depolyed within 3mins with wheel by two peoples.

Water Filled Inflatable Dam with wheel (5)
Water Filled Inflatable Dam with wheel (2)


Our flood barrier could be used in many places, and suitable for many terrains.

Size could be customized without MOQ limted.

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Water filled flood barrier for river

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Water filled flood barrier for house

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Water filled inflatable dam for water storag