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Industrial Noise Control Acoustic Wall Blanket

Noise control acoustic blanket are Class M2 high performance acoustical fiberglass blankets used to reduce airborne noise energy in many industrial and architectural applications. Our blankets are easily installed, and have extremely long service lives.

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We have many soundproofing options for homes, businesses and other areas where you need long-term sound control. Unfortunately, there are many situations where noise control is important but you don’t have the circumstances or budget to implement a long-term solution. If you’re in such a situation, you might can consider our blanket. Our blanket made of fiberglass fabric and polyester soundproof wool that is excellent at blocking and dampening unwanted noise.

This kind of blanket is extremely simple to use. Just hang it on a wall, lay it on the floor or place it over the item that’s making excessive noise. It will work to provide you with a much more tolerable sound environment right away. With the optional soundproofing barrier layer added, our blanket becomes an excellent sound blocker in addition to an excellent sound abortion tools, and they have a wide range of temperature limits.

Use these quilts to protect your workers from the noises of loud, heavy equipment on a construction site or to limit the impact of your construction sounds on the neighborhood. Apply them for sound control in a makeshift studio that needs to be converted into a space for another use when you’re done recording. Place them to quiet a loud air conditioner, home appliance or factory machine. There’s virtually no limit to where you can enjoy a better sound environment with these quilts.

Product Parameter


Front: UV protection and flame retardant polyvinyl chloride ( PVC)

Filing: acoustic wool.

Back: fireproof fiberglass fabric material.

Standard size:

Width: 1220 mm/2250 mm.

Height: 2400 mm/2500mm.

Thickness: 15-20 mm.

Weight: 1.5 kg/m2

Color: grey

Temperature range:‐40° to +180°F

Note: Any size can be customized according to your requirements.


●Excellent sound insulation performance.

●High security.

●Fireproof, waterproof and UV proof.

●High flexibility.

●Easy installation.

●Environmental friendly.

●Long life span.



●Partial or complete acoustical enclosures.

●Commercial sites and offices folding curtain.

●Industrial sites equipment noise barrier.

●Roads and walls noise barrier.

●Temporary construction sites noise barrier.

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