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Industrial Acoustic Curtain

Our sound insulation products help protect and reduce the impact of industrial noise on surrounding residents and on-site workers. We use the world's leading acoustic technology and innovative material design to provide the most effective temporary sound solutions on the market. The one of most important thing is that soundproof products can work under various conditions on any construction site.

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Construction is essentially a noisy process. A number of studies have proved that without any form of hearing protection measures, the noise generated at the construction site will seriously affect the health of the workers on site and the lives of the surrounding residents. Addressing excessive noise on construction sites needs to be a critical part of any health and safety plan, as well as a plan to ensure that resource permits are met. And sound insulation products are essential tools in isolating industrial noise.

Product Parameter

●Size: 1m x 2m


●Weight: approx 15kg per panel

●30dB noise reduction (average)


●Aesthetic Design. Soundproof products remain beautiful and keep a good looking. Independent research proves that this helps to reduce noise.

●Noise Control within 30db. According to SGS testing report, our industrial acoustic curtain could control the noise within 30db.

●Quick Installation. Could be fast deployed and installed in anywhere.

●Long Life. Our sound insulation products are sturdy and durable, and can be used outdoors for 3-4 years under normal circumstances.

●Logo Customized. Our temporary construction soundproof product can be printed the your information to convey your spirit and brand to the public.

●Waterproof and Anti-UV. Our soundproof product is available in all weathers. 100% waterproof, and can be worked in -40ºC to 70ºC.


●Create quiet floors, ceilings and walls

●Improve sound and room acoustics

●Noise and vibration control in industrial and environmental settings

●Residential acoustics in home theaters and recording studios

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