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Portable Noise Reduction Barrier

Our sound insulation products help protect and reduce the impact of industrial noise on surrounding residents and on-site workers. We use the world's leading acoustic technology and innovative material design to provide the most effective temporary sound solutions on the market. The one of most important thing is that soundproof products can work under various conditions on any construction site

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As a construction company, are you worried that the construction noise is too loud and the construction time will have to be modified due to complaints from residents? This seriously reduces the construction efficiency and increases the labor and time costs. Do you urgently want to find a sound insulation and environmental protection barrier?

Good news! Foshan LiTong FanPeng Co.,LTD not only can provide one type products which’s sound insulation but also waterproof and environmental protection noise barrier. In addition, you can customize your own logo or size or color. Also can add reflective strips, which can play a warning role at night. More importantly, you can customize the flame retardant. It plays a role in protecting security against emergencies. Foshan LiTong FanPeng Co.,LTD. has many years of production experience, which has exported to the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and so on. Based on rich production and technical experience, we can greatly shorten the leading time. The sample time will be only within 1 week, and for the full container will be about 20 days. The products has passed ROHS and the flame retardant grade of E-84&UL-94 . If you need, we can also provide other test certificates of products. Further questions and information you want to know. Contact us now!

Product Parameter:




As per users request.


Diamond pattern


4-5 years


PVC flame-retardant tarpaulin,, soundproof felt, polyester acoustic cotton, non-woven fabric, fiberglass fireproof fabric


As per users request. (Usually take wovening bag)


Light Blue(or other customized colors)


Construction site, machinery and work area enclosures


Effective and durabel noise absorber and block, easy install and reusable


There are loops on the edge of noise barrier, and we can hang it with hook or rope on wall.


1.Excellent acoustic performance

2.Has a series of sizes and tones

3.They are very durable acoustic blanket.

4.UV stability for indoor and outdoor applications

5.Meet your specific requirements


1.Indoor and outdoor construction site

2.Industrial equipment sound insulation

3.Home sound insulation, hung on the wall, door or window

4.Portable sound barrier, surrounded by fences to form a sound barrier

Portable Noise Reduction BarrierPortable Noise Reduction BarrierapplicationSGS certificatepackage and loading