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Home Using Soundproofing Curtain

The soundproofing curtain blocks outside noise, reduce the nose, solving your noise problems at minimal expense and without disrupting the comforts of your home. It’s one of the best sound blocking curtains which designed to block sound coming in and out of your space, rather than simply reducing echo. Each curtain is hand-crafted and customized to fit the dimensions of your window.

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We are committed to providing high-quality sound insulation products to help customers solve the problems caused by noise, so that customers can enjoy a better life and concentrate on office work.

Product Parameter:




As per users request.


Hanging pattern/


4-5 years


PVC coated oxford fabric, soundproof felt, polyester soundproofing cotton, PVC coated oxford fabric


Roll packaged


Off white, cream color(most of customers preferred


Acoustic curtain, acoustic door, acoustic window

How to select the size of your window curtain?

1. Measure your window opening (width and height).

2. Add 5cm to the width and height - the curtain will overlap each side by 5cm. This overlap ensures a snug fit without allowing sound to slip around the edges.

3. The final dimensions are where your curtain will contact your wall or window frame.

How does a Soundproof Curtain work?

The working principle of the soundproof curtain is because it contains polyester soundproofing cotton and soundproof felt, which help reduce the noise from indoor and outdoor, and keep them away from your living environment.

In order to reduce the noise, the curtain uses a dense, flexible, sound-blocking core that averages between 2.5KGS per square meter — although much smaller or larger curtains may have different performance. If you intend to retract the curtain every day or the window is placed very high up on your wall, our soundproof curtain may be the best option for you.

How much sound does the Acoustic Curtain block?

The soundproof curtain blocks most outside noise, dramatically transforming your home’s atmosphere. Certified by the authoritative organization SGS, our soundproof curtains can effectively reduce the noise within 30 decibels, and have a significant noise reduction performance.

How do Soundproof Curtains attach to my wall?

The soundproof curtain is supported by eyelets and hooks at the top, making the soundproof curtain ideal for apartment or rental homes. 

The soundproof curtain is held snugly against your walls using sewn-on micro-Velcro to ensure that sound doesn’t seep around the edges and into your living space. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and can be retracted with sewn-in straps when you want to let in light, sound, and fresh air.

Other benefits:

Light-blocking: the soundproof curtain blocks 100% of outside light. Even many people purchase the soundproof simply to use for its light-blocking properties.

Thermal properties: the soundproof curtain has insulating properties, lowering your home’s heating and cooling costs.

Decor: available in a wide variety of colors, pairs well with any living space.

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