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Acoustic Curtain Walls

Acoustic curtain walls (also called soundproof blankets) are designed to minimize noise pollution and minimize noise. They achieve an superb level of sound insulation by combining sound barriers and sound-absorbing products.

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Testing reports have proved that exposure to high noise levels will affect concentration, work quality and willingness to learn. In addition to this, the inability to hear conversations, warning signs or alarms constitutes a major danger in itself.

In some cases, business hours are restricted because the noise generated will affect nearby residents or nearby businesses.

By installing industrial acoustic curtain walls, the company will meet all government regulations and provide safe and pleasant working conditions, thereby increasing efficiency and profits.

Our Acoustic curtain walls can be made into almost any custom size. Any Acoustic curtain walls can be connected together by used sewing high temperature Velcro to achieve this.

Each customized sound curtain can be made using various combinations of acoustic layers.

Each panel is encapsulated in a final high-temperature silicon-coated fiberglass material outer layer to comply with health, safety and fire protection regulations. 

You can also customize a variety of different shapes and different distance of holes.

Product Details:

●Product Name:Acoustic curtain walls

●Pattern:Hanging Noise Barrier

●Materials:PVC tarpaulin, soundproof felt, polyester acoustic cotton, non woven fabric, PVC mesh


●Thickness:15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 50mm

●Color:refer to PANTONE color book

●Flame retardant:ASTM-E84(class A)/UL94(VTM-0)

●Features :soundproof the noise within 30dbs, easy install and reusable, dust proof, waterproof

Wide application:

●Construction project

●Earth road works

●Renovate occupied buildings


●Air conditioning

●Rooftop factory equipment


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