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Water Gate for Flood Defense

The water gate is a portable, self-rising, reusable water barrier that can be used in place of traditional methods, such as sandbags, rock, or dirt dams. It can be installed or removed in minutes and easily packed and reused for a different applications.

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Water ate is a portable self-rising dam that protects your home or property from the dangers of flooding. Quick and easy to deploy. Once finished, break down and store to be used again when needed. UV protection material expanded life span so that it can work in outdoor long time.

Material:PVC coated tarpaulin + galvanized plate

Color:Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black, Orange, Red

Fabric Thickness:0.6mm

Temperature  Resistant:-30°C~+70°C

Standard Size:

①0.15m height x 6m length

②0.3m height x 6m length

③0.6m height x 6m length

④1m height x 9m length

⑤1.2m height x 9m length

⑥1.5m height x 15m height

All height and length can be customized according to customer's actual demands!

We are factory in Guangdong province, China!


●Control, contain, & divert water before it becomes a problem

●Quick & easy to deploy with minimal labor

●Compact and requires minimal storage

●Made from ultra-strong PVC coated polyester fabric, which is resistant to abrasion

●Galvanized metal plate ballast weights held in polyester netting & sewn to a water barrier

●Connect units together with a velcro design to achieve the desired length.

●Requires no site preparation, little or no additional material, and no permanent installation.

●Reusable & flexible & portable

●Flexible and forms to any surface

●Height can be customized

●Logo customized


●Flood mitigation

●Express water diversion for burst pipes

●Creating temporary cofferdams

●Create a dry working area

●Containing/controlling fire water run-off

●Containing sewer flooding

●Pollution control on land

Water gate for flood defense

Water gate for flood defense