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Flood Barrier Customized for Corner

Flood barriers are a popular type of flooding defence system which we have available. Our team can provide these barriers in temporary or permanent forms to ensure your household and property in the minimum the damage by flood.

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Our flood barriers are specially designed for urban, industrial and hydraulic engineering projects.

This is a new concept flood protection product, it is better than the old flood protection product. Suc as traditional sandbags can't change the direction of water flow, but this product can be split 360° and no need to be filled with water.

The lightweight reusable barrier provides the same protection as a temporary or permanent barrier.

Product Parameter:


●Reflective strap color:Grey


●Material:Material:PVC coated tarpaulin / stainless steel accessories

Standard size:

Product Dimension(Inch)

Product Dimension(cm)

Packing Dimension(cm)

Product Weight(KGS)

Packing weight(KGS)

L 78.7” x W47.2” x H 35.4”

L 200 x W 120 x H 90

L 110 x W 26 x H 26



L 157.5” x W 47.2” x H 35.4”

L 400 x W 120 x H 90

L 110 x W 33 x H 33



L 78.7” x W 59” x H 47.2”

L 200 x W 150 x H 120

L 136 x W 26 x H 26



L 157.5” x W 59” x H 47.2”

L 400 x W 150 x H 120

L 136 x W 33 x H 33



L 78.7” x W 70.9” x H 59”

L 200 x W 180 x H 150

L 166 x W 26 x H 26



L 157.5” x W 70.9” x H 59”

L 400 x W180 x H 150

L 166 x W 33 x H 33




●The service life is long, compared with the ABS material flood barrier and sand bag.

●It can be folded and takes up little storage space.

●Can be quickly deployed before the flood.

●No need to instill water, saving water resources.

●It can be quickly fixed to the ground, and screws provide assistance.

●It can be used in extremely cold, low temperature of -30 degrees Celsius.

●The length can be freely combined.

●Self-supporting flood protection barrier.

●Designed for corner

●Any size could be customized without quantity limited

●Factory mamanufactured

Application:residential area & gas station & River Embankment & road & street

Additional Information:

●PVC coated tarpaulin is ultra robust and abrasion resistant for installations on all types of surfaces.

●The flooding barrier is folded in a manner so that it can be deployed quickly in a body of water.

●D ring and belt to help expanded the length of barrier.

●Fiberglass plate help manipulate and elevate the ends of the flood barrier for best placement.

●Stainless steel connector make the barrier easier to fold and fix.

●Eyelets and pegs to help anchor the barrier. 

●Extra covers in the both sides

●Top with reflective strips design

LTCANOPY flood barrier is a good flood protection product

Although more expensive than sandbags, it has proven to be a highly effective method of suppressing flood damage.

A person can deploy the product to protect a house in a few hours, or larger units can be purchased to protect entire areas and unfolding trucks. 

The product is lighter than sandbags, reusable, and does not require filling materials, no pollution after use.

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