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TPU Bladder Tank for Oil Storage

Flexible TPU oil storage bladder tank liquid pillow bladder tank is used for temporary and long-term storage of drinking water, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, industrial grease and other substances.

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Liquid containements food grade storage tanks are foldable containers made of TPU coating. Welded together by high frequency thermal welding. Available from 50 litres to 500,000 litres. It plays an important role in water supply and oil transportation, and is especially suitable for hilly, mountainous, plateau and other geographical environment.

Product parameter:

●Material: heavy duty TPU coated tarpaulin(food grade)

●Color: army green

●Thickness: 0.9mm

●Shape:pillow, square, onion

●Capacity range: 50L~500,000L

●Max Working Pressure(MPa):0.3 MPa

●Applicable temperature: -30°C ~ +70°C

●Warranty:2 years

●Origin: China

Benefits of Pillow Tanks:

●Easy to assemble.

●Supply fuel anywhere anytime.

●Easy operation & easy carriage(Movable and transferable to anywhere you want).

●Nontoxic, food grade, UV resistant, ant oxidative, thermostable, cold resistant.

●Stretch-Proof, resistant to stripping, antibacterial, acid & alkali resistant.

●Durable and Non-Distortable.

●Nonpoisonous & Tastless,No pollution to water.

●Flexible and folded, easy packing, long life and low maintenance costs.

●High-frequency welding or heat sealing

●Customized service is available.


●Usage of TPU Oil Tank

●Chemicals, such as gasoline/diesel/jet fuel/industrial grease/weak acid and alkaline/non-organic solvent, etc

●Gas, such as nitrogen/argon/low pressure industrial gas, etc

●Flammable chemical gas, such as ethyne/methane/natural gas/straw gas, etc.

●Powder/granule/lump products in the fields of mineral/chemical/plastc/glass and cement, etc.

●TPU food grade storage bladder, can be used to store drinking water, food liquid goods

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In different applications, some accessories may need, we can supply some accessories for usages below.

For water, we will use plastic valve, but for fuel and oil, we will use use valve with Stainless Steel, Aluminum, brass material.

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Brass valve with turning angle

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Brass inlet

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Handles for lifting

certificate of bladder tankTesting report of water bladder tanks

Different types

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PVC bladder tank for liquid storage

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PVC bladder tank for water storage

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PVC bladder tank for water storag