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Waste Water Storage Tank

PVC waste water storage tank made of heavy duty PVC coated tarpaulin, onion shape is collapsible and portable, fast and easy deployment in anywhere. The potable water tank is movable and durable. Onion shape provide small and bulk water storage on your site, facility, home, factory, or business location, Of course, you can use our tank anywhere.

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Are you looking for a temporary low-cost solution to the water storage problem? 

Whether you need to store waste water, fertilizer or any other liquid, PVC tanks are one of the best solution way. Because these storage tanks are made of tough materials with corrosion-resistant property, there is hardly any evaporation or pollution risk when the liquid is in the storage tank. This type of durable and portable containment systems are mainly used by industrial and agricultural companies, military and humanitarian organizations.

Product Parameter:

●Material: High Strength PVC coated tarpaulin(recommended 0.6mm)

●Thickness: 0.6mm-0.9mm

●Capacity: 100L-500,000L

●Color: Refer to Pantone or RAL color book(recommended blue color)

●Components: 2 valves, PVC tarpaulin tank cover, velcro, belt buckle(To fulfill customer’s the requirement on usage, the size of the valve is optional, from 1’’-4’’)

●Groundsheet: Optional

●Lifespan: 6-8 years

●Temperature resistant: -30~+70℃

●Warranty: 2 years

●Packing: Carton box, plastic pallet.


●High tensile and tear strength

●Wearable and durable

●Waterproof and flame retardant

●UV protection and no leakage

●Resistant to microbial attack

●Puncture and Abrasion resistant

●PVC coated both sides

●Resistant to hot and cold temperatures

●Folds up, for easy compact storage


●Agriculture use, irrigation, rainwater collection etc.

●Daily life use, Water storage, Remote Storage

●Fish hatcheries, Fish farming

●Public works and Civilian rescue organizations, Humanitarian Aid

●Flame retardant, Forestry Service, Military Operations

●For cutters, yachts car holder etc.

●Industrial use, Mining, Drilling, Grey water, Water Treatment Plants and Sewage storage

Waste Water Storage TankSGS certificate for anti-aging testing reportSGS certificateWaste Water Storage Tank