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Portable Water Bladder Tank

Portable water bladder tanks are a robust, lightweight and cost-effective solution for your liquid storage requirements. Our collapsible water pillows are suitable for wide water storage applications.

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The water bladder tank is made of high-density PVC material, which is safe, non-toxic, tasteless, leak-free, corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant. it is a simple solution for transporting water, can be used repeatedly for a long time.

Product parameter:

●Material: heavy duty PVC coated tarpaulin

●Color: dark green, dark blue, light blue, red, pink, kahaki, black. etc.

●Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm

●Capacity range: 50L~500,000L

●Applicable temperature: -30°C ~ +70°C

●Warranty:2 years

●Origin: China


●Portable water bag is an ideal alternative to metal or plastic buckets.

●Long time outdoor use, long service life. Resistant to light, wear and age.

●Soft fabric, foldable, lightweight, and the volume after folding is very small, occupied rate, easy to store

●Used for construction, gardening irrigation, especially mountaineering, dry and all water resources in natural disasters.

●Customized service is available.


●Firefighting & emergency response

●Disaster relief

●Military operations

●Emergency water supply storage

●Oil & Gas field applications

●Mining & exploration sites

●Agriculture & irrigation

Item No. Capacity
Material Thickness
Material Weight
Bladder Filled Size
Bladder Weight
1 150 0.6MM 750 L:0.8M*W:0.7M*H0.3M 1.52
2 250 0.6MM 750 L:1.0M*W:0.9M*H0.3M 2.21
3 450 0.6MM 750 L:1.3M*W:1.2M*H0.3M 3.47
4 500 0.6MM 750 L:1.4M*W:1.3M*H0.3M 3.95
5 600 0.6MM 750 L:1.5M*W:1.4M*H0.3M 4.46
6 1000 0.6MM 750 L:2.0M*W:1.8M*H0.3M 7.11
7 2000 0.6MM 750 L:2.5M*W:2.1M*H0.4M 10.64
8 2500 0.9MM 1100 L:3.0M*W:2.2M*H0.4M 19.10
9 3000 0.9MM 1100 L:3.3M*W:2.3M*H0.4M 21.63
10 4000 0.9MM 1100 L:3.5M*W:2.3M*H0.5M 24.09
11 5000 0.9MM 1100 L:3.6M*W:2.8M*H0.5M 29.22
12 8000 0.9MM 1100 L:4.2M*W:3.2M*H0.6M 39.34
13 10000 1.2MM 1500 L:4.5M*W:3.8M*H0.6M 66.24

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Pressure testing of water bladder tank

Pressure testing when filled with air

Pressure testing of bladder tank

Pressure testing when filled with water

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Tear resistance

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