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Fuel Storage Bladder Tank for Container

PVC bladder tank convert a shipping container into a bulk liquid transport solution for free-flowing non-hazardous liquids. Providing a more cost-effective and reliable alternative for liquids multimodal transport via sea, rail and land.

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Flexible tanks are standard intermodal containers with a bladder or bag for transporting and storing non-regulated liquids. With the bladder inside the 20ft container or 40ft container filled, fluids are protected from moving and punctures. Sizes range from 16,000 to 26,000 liters and can top-loaded or loaded from the bottom.

Capacity:16000-24000 Liter


①2 inch butterfly/ball Valve

②0.9mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Handling Type

①Top loading& Top discharging (TT),

②Bottom loading & Bottom discharging (BB),

③Top Loading & Bottom discharging (TB)


Air vent--release air

Working temperature:-30℃- +85

Tear strength: Warp:429.5N Weft:521N

Tensile strength: Warp:3109.6N Weft:3211.7N


①Low cost.

②Green,clean ,all is brand new flexitanks,which can prevent the liquids from pollution.

③Up to 40% more payload than drums

④Easy load and discharge

⑤Decrease labour cost etc.

⑥Fully recyclable

Application(pls select TPU material for food oil)

①Industrial Oils

②Lubricants, lubricant addictive,

③transformer oil, white oil, tungoil,

④glycerin, coconutbutter, hydraulic

⑤oil, gear oil, ricinus oil,

⑥high fatty acids and oleic acid,etc

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