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PVC Tensile Membrane Structure

This PVC tensile membrane structure is stretched to form a three-dimensional surface which can be used for a roof, shading or decorative component by applying tension. The product provides protection from the elements and is designed to withstand severe weather conditions, whilst also maintaining an aesthetically appealing design.

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The tension membrane structure is supported by a lightweight structural system. They can span great distances without intermediate support making it a cost effective. PVC tensile membrane structure can also be used as complete buildings, some common applications are sports facilities, storage and exhibition spaces.

Product Parameter

Membrane Fabric Material: 1.2mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Fabric Color:White

Fabric Weight :1800gsm

Temperature:-40 to +70 (degree Celsius)

Tensile Strength of Fabric:3109.8-3211.7N

Tear Strength of Fabric:429.5-521N

Fire rating of fabric:SGS UL94

Structure Material:Galvanized frame with backing finished

Warranty:4 years

Life Span:10-15 years

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China


●Large Span: Tensile Structures can create an expansive covered area, exceed to 200m.

●Unique Design: Tensile fabric Structure gives architects, designers, and engineers the opportunity to experiment with form and create visually exciting and iconic structures.

●Various Shape: Changeable supporting structure can make lots of different shapes of tension structure with flexible membrane.

●Easy to Install: Faster and more cost-effective in comparison to traditional construction projects.

●Weatherproof: Durable and designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Provide protection from both the rain and sun.

●Excellent Durability: Fabric tensile structure is characterized by durability and longevity, can be built in different areas around the world, from the frigid arctic pole to the scorching desert heat.

●Low Maintenance Needs: Tensile membrane Structures require minimal maintenance for clients.

●Outstanding Natural Day lighting: Membrane is translucent, In daylight, tension structures could offer rich soft diffused naturally daylight space, and at night, artificial lighting can make it bright and colorful.

●Eco Friendly: Have high sun reflectivity and low solar absorption. As a result, less energy is used in the building, ultimately reducing the cost of electricity.

●Cost-effective: About 1/3 to 1/2 lower than conventional structures on costs.


For public spaces, for tensile structures, for facade, for entrance canopies, for parking lots, cladding, roof, solar shading, for athletic fields, for swimming pools, for stadiums.

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