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Weather Resistant PVC Clear Tarpaulin Curtain

Veranda, deck, patio, gazebo, pergola curtains are ideal for extending your outdoor living. Clear plastic ones block the cold winds, rain, and when the sun is shining they create a warm area for you to relax or for the kids to play in.

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Clear tarpaulin curtain with grommets or pockets that fit any opening both large and small. Waterproof and made of slick Vinyl that is reinforced on the edges with belt webbing to for industrial strength which makes them last much longer.Specifications:


●Thickness: 20 Mil / 0.6mm

●Weight: 18oz / 620gsm

●Size: Customized as customer's request

●Color: Crystal Clear

●Double Stitched Edges: Yes

●Reinforced Webbing Edge: Yes, around four edges

●Reinforced rope: Yes, around four edges

●Temperature range: -10℃ - +70℃

●Waterproof index: 100%

●Transparency index: 99%

●Usage: Indoor and Outdoor


●Snow resistant , abrasion resistant

●Waterproof, snow proof, cold resistance

●Wind proof, dust proof

●One Year Defect Warranty


●Grommets: Optional - Rust Resistant, on corners + every 50cm (grommet distance could be customized according to customer's request)

●Pockets: Optional - 73cm width pocket for customer supplied pipe weight or mount.

Usage: Common uses include clear patio curtains, clear deck curtains, clear porch curtains, clear industrial curtains, clear gazebo curtains, clear greenhouse covers, clear balcony curtains, clear throw tarps and more..

▲Shrinkage: PVC will slightly expand and shrink due to cold and hot weather along with folding. The curtains will be made to your exact size but after shipping, folding and weather changes they may vary by 1" so leave yourself some slack when ordering.

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Product details

All of our custom made clear tarpaulin curtains are waterproof to keep your belongings dry as a bone. 

The custom transparent tarps are made for outdoor applications where you want a crystal clear line of sight while keeping the harsh weather out.

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High transparency


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SST material grommet

Reinforced webbing and rope

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Soft and foldable

Won't break

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Roll up

gazebo curtains,gazebo side panels,gazebo covers,clear canvas panel

Put down

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Easy to install


drawing of gazebo side panels

SGS certificate

SGS certificate


This outdoor curtain is designed to manage your outdoor patio space, from the porch to the pavilion. 

Changing the style, using these high-quality transparent curtains can effectively cut off the cold wind in the outdoor space and keep the interior warm.

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Pergola Side Curtains

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Heavy Duty Gazebo Side Panel

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Transparent Side Panel Curtain