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PVC Tarpaulin Industrial Curtain Walls

Our PVC tarpaulin industrial curtain walls can provide space partitions without taking up space. These high-quality, multi-functional and durable industrial curtain walls are made of flame-retardant PVC. And you can choose the flame retardant performance. Such as America standard E84 grade. Usually, the most popular color is blue. The size and color as well as the distance of the eyelets can be customized to meet the needs of different customers.

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Our industrial curtains are suitable for any outdoor or indoor application, ensuring that your work space is protected from rain, snow, wind and dust. These curtains can protect your employees and your products from the outdoor environment at a fraction of the cost of permanent walls. Outdoor curtains can also be used as a cheap alternative to gates. When used as a door, our curtains are placed on rails to produce rapid left-to-right movement and use Velcro to seal the door when needed.

Our curtains are customized. PVC coated material to prevent cracking in cold weather. In addition, PVC tarpaulin curtains can be made in opaque colors to block light or transparent to allow sunlight to enter. PVC tarpaulin industrial curtain walls help eliminate a variety of hazards in your facility and feature the following benefits:

●Economical. As little as 10% of the cost of permanent brick and mortar wall projects, reducing your overhead.

●Protective. Protection against most chemicals, fumes, paint over spray, metal dust and airborne particles, water over spray, grinding, dust, sparks, and many other industrial hazards that can damage equipment or cause injury to unprotected employees.

●Divider. Partitioning work zones, creating a leaner and more efficient production area.

●Privacy. Creation of privacy rooms to block out noise from machinery or visibility and create new work areas.

PVC tarpaulin industrial curtain walls applications:

●Manufacturing & Industrial Plants

●Dust Containment & Control

●Noise Control & Containment 

●Fume Containment

●Chemical Splash Barriers

●Storage Facilities & Garages

●Grinding & Cutting Work Cells

●Medical & Pharmaceutical Curtain Barriers

●Warehouse Separation

●Temperature Control

●Wood Working

●Clean-room Partitions

●Food Contamination & Separation

●Wash Down & Cleaning Areas

●Loading Dock Containment 

●Aviation Paint Booths & Storage

●Anywhere Space Division & Protection

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