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Dark Green LiTong Fire Retardant PVC Coated Tarpaulin

Our LiTong tarpaulin is waterproof and flame retardant, it can be as the industrial curtain to avoid the spark splash. It’s one of the best flame retardant and waterproof material.

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As a tarpaulin manufacturer in China, we specialized in tarpaulin products with different properties, such as flame retardant, sun protection, waterproof, dust proof, mildew proof, snow resistant, wind proof. etc. We accept customized products, pls no hesitate to contact us once you have any requirements!

Product Parameter:

●Product name:flame retardant PVC coated tarpaulin




●Specification for roll:2*100m(MOQ: one roll)

●Specification for ready made cover:customized(MOQ: one pc)

●Temperature range:-30℃ to +180℃

●Flame retardant:B1

●Character:waterproof, flame retardant, tear resistance, anti UV, anti mildew, easy to fold, snow resistant, wind proof

●Application:shipping container covers, car body cover, car tarp, outdoor car cover, truck cover, harbor freight tarps, industrial curtain

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