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Grey PVC Coated Mesh Tarpaulin Made in China

PVC coated mesh tarpaulin is one of PVC tarpaulin. The base fabric made of high-strength polyester or nylon mesh fabric, the upper and lower sides are pressed with PVC. Compared to other PVC tarpaulin fabric, PVC coated mesh tarpaulin is more durable, better anti-aging performance.

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Hey! Are you looking for the PVC tarpaulin manufacturer?

Yeah, you arrived the right place. We Foshan LiTong FanPeng Co., LTD are tarpaulin manufacturer.

Maybe you are confused, don’t know what is PVC coated mesh tarpaulin. Is it different with normal tarpaulin? In fact, it’s same as other tarpaulin in most of property, such as waterproof, an-aging, an-freeze, dust proof etc. The difference is only production way and yarn count, density.

Please look at here!!! Yeah, the biggest difference is our PVC coated mesh tarpaulin with flame retardant property. That means it can be used in many fields, both industry and agriculture field are available. Due to its fire retardant property, it also can be used in fire field.

As a tarpaulin and canvas manufacturer, we provide roll tarpaulin and canvas, but also make processing. If you need process, just contact us, we will try our best to satisfy your demands.


● Thickness: 0.35mm、0.4mm、0.45mm、0.52mm、0.6mm、0.9mm

● Weight: 410gsm、560gsm、610gsm、730gsm、1100gsm

● Specification: 2.1*60 meter (customized)

● Character: waterproof, anti-UV, anti-aging, flame retardant, normal life 6-9years, logo customized

● Application: car cover, train cover, shipping cover, port usage, agriculture usage, construction site usage and other function

● Colour: red, yellow, blue, white, green, dark green and customized

● HS code:5903109000

● Certificate: SGS、SVHC

PVC coated tarpaulin composition view

Product Details
gray pvc coated tarpaulin,gray tarpaulin,wateproof tarpaulin,anti uv tarpaulin

Waterproof surface

Double sides with PVC coating

Available in glossy and matte

Super heavy duty material

flame retardant tarpaulin,fire retardant tarpaulin,fire resistant tarpaulin

Flame retardant(UL 94)

Sun protection and Anti aging

Temperature range:-30 to +70℃

High tear strength

grey tarpaulin with grommets,ready made tarpaulin cover,tarpaulin roof covers,tarpaulin PVC

Reinforced with galvanized grommet

Ropes are hemmed around edges

Welded the seams

Quality comparison of pvc coated tarpaulin

quality comparison of pvc coated tarpaulin

Data sheet for 0.45mm PVC coated tarpaulin

data sheet for 0.45mm PVC coated tarpaulin

SGS certificate
Abrasion resistance testing report for 0.45mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Abrasion Resistance Testing Report

Impact resistance testing report for 0.45mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Impact Resistance Testing Report

Tensile testing report for 0.4mm PVC coated tarpaulin

Tensile Testing Report

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Pool Cover

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Pergola Covers

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Shipping Container Tarp Covers

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Partition Curtains

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Water Storage Tanks

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Industrial Acoustic Curtain Barrier

Tarpaulin roll(virgin material)

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