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Agricultural Irrigation Flexible PVC Flat Hose

Flexible PVC lay flat hose is for minimizing inefficiencies in gravity irrigation systems can save irrigator’s money and labor. It is ideal choice for agricultural irrigation work as well as in mining sand and mud water, industrial.

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PVC Lay Flat Hose is light and easy to carry and handle. PVC Lay Flat Hose is easy to be winding in a round coil thus occupies very small space for storage and very economical in transportation with compares to rigid PVC Pipe. And PVC lay flat Hose sustain good pressure and is anti-fracture, tensile aspects thereby more durable and long lasting.

Product parameter:

Material: 1000D*1000D PVC coated tarpaulin

Color: Orange

Thickness: 1.5mm

Weight: 1800g/m2;

Size: 21inch diameter*2m length (Customized as cutomer's request)


High tear strength: Warp:552N Weft:427.9N

Breaking pressure: 2.8MPA

Advantage of PVC layflat hose:

●Proven to reduce the overall material and labor costs of the entire irrigation system since faster layout and retrieval decreases manpower costs.

●Excellent low price field poly pipe irrigation.

●Used as flexible poly pipe and gates and valves so ditch cutting not necessary in level agricultural irrigation and most field nursery irrigation systems.

●Agricultural irrigation system reduces labor because it is so easy to install.

●Our agricultural irrigation system reduces water costs. No evaporation.

●Great for field nursery irrigation.

●Versatile and durable to withstand the most stringent climatic and environmental conditions.


Anti-UV, Anti-leaking, Anti bacteria, Anti-fouling, Anti-acid & alkali, Nontoxic, anti-oxidant, thermos-table, cold resistant, Stretch-proof, resistant to stripping, Fireproof, antibacterial, acid & alkali resistant ,Artistic appearance, durable, non distortable Corrosion resistance, Shock resistance, Durable & Easy to handle and etc...


●Agricultural, Horticultural, and Mining

●Used for transfer, distribution

●Subsurface and surface installations

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