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Gas And Liquid Transmssion Duct Hose

Gas and liquid transmission PVC ducting hose made of 0.6mm PVC coated mesh tarpaulin. It has strong pressure and wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and flame retardant properties. That means LT Canopy tarpaulin ducting can be used in any fields. Of course, Gasoline, lubricating oil, diesel, antifreeze, Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas are available, such as those gas and liquid can be putted in our ducting hose.

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LT Canopy are tarpaulin ducting hose manufacturer, specialized in kinds of PVC products. Whatever raw materials or finished products, all of those are available in LT Canopy. Especially, we can custom the product for you, just send your drawing to us, we must provide you best quality product.

In general, we use high frequency voltage machine to heat the seam.

In order to suit any working field, we will choose the flame retardant tarpaulin as raw materials for ducting hose.

Product name:Gas and liquid transmssion duct hose



Color: Blue or others


1.High dengsity PVC coated mesh tarpaulin

2.Long-term stable antistatic ability. In a normal use environment, the surface resistivity will not change with changes in temperature and humidity and the passage of time.

3.Flame retardant (meet NFPA-701, B1, B2 or M2 standards)

4.Excellent tensile strength and wear resistance property.

5.Very low air leakage rate.

6.Withstand temperature changes

7.More resistant to folding

8.Easy maintenance

9.Environmental protection, without any unpleasant smell.

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