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Why do we need to set up a tent for a concert?

Views: 0     Author: Sakura Tang     Publish Time: 2020-09-08      Origin:

Many celebrities and star choose to set up stage tents or concert tent when they hold concerts outdoors. And choose PVC coated tarpaulin with waterproof and flame retardant function as one of the best materials for stage tents. Compared with traditional tents, tents made of PVC coated tarpaulin are lighter, easier to build, and easy to disassemble.

The main purpose of setting up a stage tent is for preventing rain, and secondly to increase the stage effect and make the stage look more beautiful. In addition, the stage tent can also block part of the sound from leaking out and reduce noise.

Our company is honored to provide customized stage tents for the Leon 30th Anniversary Random Love Songs 4D in Live 2016. This tent is made of 0.6mm PVC coated tarpaulin (which has passed EU environmental protection certification and SGS certification), and the quality can be guaranteed by our company. It took up to a month from the production of raw materials to the final construction of the stage.

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