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Which material is good for truck cover?

Views: 0     Author: Sakura Tang     Publish Time: 2021-03-15      Origin:

Which material is good for truck cover?

As we well know, there are a lots of materials can be the truck cover.

Such as PE tarpaulin, PVC coated tarpaulin, organic silicon canvas, TPU, PUL and so on.

In these materials, PE tarpaulin and PVC coated tarpaulin is widely used. Cause the price of TPU and PUL is more expansive than other materials.And organic silicon canvas is not 100%waterproof.

Among them, PE tarpaulin is cheapest one. Cause it’s light weight, cheap, waterproof. If you don’t have any quality requirement for the truck cover, PE tarpaulin is the suitable one. But it can’t be used for a long time, it’s working life about 6 months.

But if you have other requirements for the truck cover, maybe PVC coated tarpaulin is you best choice. It’s not only waterproof, but also can be flame retardant, wear and tear resistance, even non-static can be customized. Most of customers feedback 650gsm PVC heavy duty tarpaulin is the best for truck cover. And this type of tarpaulin can be used over 5 years under normal situation.

In a work, you don’t need follow the trends to purchase the truck cover, not only truck, but also lorry cover, container cover and other covers, you just need to purchase it according to your actual demands. What suits you is the best!