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What is flame retardant tarpaulin?

Views: 0     Author: Sakura Tang     Publish Time: 2020-09-24      Origin:

There are someone curious for flame retardant tarpaulin. They don’t know what is flame retardant tarpaulin, and don’t know if there are any different with other tarpaulins. And even they mix up the fireproof tarpaulin and flame retardant tarpaulin.

Actually, flame retardant tarpaulin will prevent the fire continued and decrease the speed of fire. But fireproof tarpaulin can’t be fired.  

Our tarpaulin is flame retardant, this tarpaulin will extinguish the fire within 10 seconds after leave the open fire. We also have related fire retardant certificates, such as E84 A grade certificate and VTM 0 grade certificate etc.

Flame retardant tarpaulin can be used in many fields, such as supermarket, construction site and fire fighting applications etc. As for everyone is different, we prepared a lots of options for customers.

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