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Sound Barrier Fence

Views: 0     Author: Sakura Tang     Publish Time: 2021-07-24      Origin:

Construction is by nature a noisy process.

A number of studies have proved that without any form of hearing protection measures, the noise generated at the construction site will seriously affect the health of the workers on site and the lives of the surrounding residents. Addressing excessive noise on construction sites needs to be a critical part of any health and safety plan, as well as a plan to ensure that resource permits are met.

Soundproof products are suitable for construction sites to reduce industrial noise, and can be used as temporary site fences and sound-absorbing tents for generators/generator sets and other noisy buildings and manufacturing machinery. The important thing is that barriers can work under various conditions on any construction site, and the most important thing is waterproof and dustproof.

The most important thing about sound insulation is to reduce noise from the source. Therefore, noise barriers are indispensable. The noise barrier is designed to absorb the noise emitted from these different activities and remove this energy from the environment. By doing so, the noise from all parties could be effectively reduced by sound barrier.

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