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PVC Hose ability test

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PVC Hose ability test

There are two tests:

1. Water pressure test.

A. Block each water distribution point of the pressure test pipe section, inject water slowly, and discharge the air in the pipe at the same time;

B. After the pipeline is filled with water, perform a water tightness inspection;

C. After the system is pressurized, a hand pump should be used to slowly increase the pressure, and the pressure increase time should not be less than 10 minutes;

D. After the pressure is increased to the specified test pressure, stop the pressure and stabilize the pressure for 1 hour, and observe whether there is leakage at each interface;

E. After 1 hour of stabilizing pressure, add pressure to the specified test pressure value. Within 15 minutes, the pressure drop does not exceed 0.05Mpa as qualified.

2. Load bearing capacity test.

A. Beat the hose filled with water repeatedly to see if there is any leakage.

B. An adult man stands on a hose filled with water to see if there is any leakage.