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Heavy Duty Garden Leaf Tarp

Garden leaf tarpaulin, also known as leaf tarps or landscape tarps, are smartly designed to simplify your leaf raking and hauling efforts. Our quality leaf tarps are great for hauling not just leaves, but also dirt, debris, sticks, and many other things.

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This kind of leaf tarps can be purchased from everyone. Tie one up between trees when out bush or at-home entertaining, or use them to protect floors and surfaces on the job. Our range of tough, waterproof, and versatile tarpaulins comes in various weights and sizes.

Material: heavy duty PE coated tarpaulin

Thickness: 0.21mm

Weight: 200gsm

Color: yelllow

Density: 14*14

Size: 4.05*3.05m or customized as customer's request

Warranty: 1 Year

Working temperature: -30℃ - +70℃

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