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Clear PVC Waterproof Tarpaulin Suppliers

We mostly use clear tarps in the area where low light penetration is required. These tarps are completely waterproof are used side curtains, waterproof covers, tent, greenhouse. These tarpaulins are also used in any condistions because they penetrate less light and keep the work area dry.

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Our heavy duty clear tarpaulin is designed to be waterproof, decay-proof, mildew resistant, acid resistant, grease resistant, wear resistant and tear resistant. Can be used for 5 years. And we have 2 years warranty. During warranty, any non-human damage, we can replace the damaged product. The heavy-duty vinyl clear tarpaulin is ideal for agriculture, construction, and industrial. It is suitable for any fields.


●Material:100% PVC



●Temperature range:-10℃ to 70℃

●Transparency: 99.99%

●Water resistance index: 100%


●Transparency: 99.99%

●Water resistance index: 100%

●Rainproof and dust proof

●Heat resistant and tear resistant

●Snow resistant and sun protection

●Suitable for all weathers

Main advantages:

●The edges are embossed for easy installation. The distance between buttonholes could be customized. The rope is sewn on four sides for easy fixation; high light transmittance and strong heat insulation

●The tarpaulin is made of high-quality soft glass and uses the latest technology to withstand all weather conditions. Indoor and outdoor areas; strong sunlight, wind, frost and hail will not affect the performance of the material.

●The tarpaulin is used for moisture-proof, dust-proof and moisture-proof places. By using waterproof material, the covered material can be kept dry and clean regardless of whether it is raining or sunny.

●Multifunctional waterproof tarpaulin made of transparent PVC can be used for other purposes. For example, furniture, floors, carpets, cabinets, murals, books and plants can protect cars from dust pollution.

Application field:

●Greenhouse, lawn, tent, roof, terrace, winter garden

●Farm, garage, shopping center, courtyard, plant insulation

●Camping tent, waterproof balcony tent

●Pergola cover, dust cover, car cover

●Barbecue Table cloth, mosquito net window film

●Waterproof household tarpaulin

Technical information:

Metal perforations made of high-quality galvanized, edge stitched polyester ropes, corners with rubber triangular sleeves(standard corners without rubber triangular sleeves), reinforced edges, strong and durable, could quickly and easily fix the tarp.

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Product details
clear tarpaulin PVC,heavy duty clear paulin,tarpaulin PVC,transparent tarpaulin,custom clear tarpaulin



Surface:Both sieds touched smooth

Soft and foldable without breaken

Penetrate light

PVC clear tarpaulin,clear tarps,clear tarpaulin with grommets,heavy duty clear tarps

Reinforced SST eyelets 

30cm for one eyelet(20mm inner diameter)

Double stitched seam 

Reinforced PP ropes 

Wrap with strap

clear tarpaulin PVC,heavy duty clear paulin,tarpaulin PVC,transparent tarpaulin,custom clear tarpaulin

100% Waterproof

High density Midle resistant

Outstanding tearing strength

Super loading weight

Easy to clean and store


Drawing of clear tarps

SGS certificate


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Chicken Coop Cover

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Clear Rainproof Cover

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Awning Shade Cover

clear tarpaulin for curtains,tarpaulin curtains,transparent waterproof curtains

Clear Tarpaulin Curtain

gazebo curtains,gazebo side panels,gazebo covers,clear canvas panel

Gazebo Side Panels

PVC tent,clear tarpaulin tent,clear tent

Outdoor Tent

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heavy duty clear tarp,clear tarp with grommets,tarpaulin canvas,clear tarps for patio
clear tarp for greenhouse,clear tarps for patio,clear tarps with grommets