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120 Liters Transparent PVC Biofloc Aquaculture Tank

We provide kinds of tarpaulin fish tanks for fish farming. If you want purchase a flexible and portable fish tank, pls contact us. We are China factory, any size you can custom from here without high MOQ.

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LT Canopy provides you with no frame fish ponds, saving your freight and frame costs. This kind of fish pond is suitable for personal use. Due to its strong frost resistance and UV protection, it can be placed in gardens, lawns, and any flat ground where no sharp objects exist. Because of its good tear resistance and flame retardant properties, it is usually used as a storage tool for other liquids or solids, such as industrial wastewater, rainwater, rice, wheat, etc. At present, our products have been exported to Canada, Australia, Switzerland, the United States, France, Malaysia, Nigeria and other countries and regions. We look forward to your joining and open up new markets for us.









0.6m diameterX 0.45 height

Yarn count:



4-5 years


1 set


As per users request. 


PVC coated mesh tarpaulin, galvanized steel pipe, plastic outlet


Free samples available with shipping and taxes paid by the buyer.


Water storage, transportation, irrigation, firefighting, pool solution, emergency water supply.

With a PVC fish pond, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Reduce the risk of water pollution and the introduction and spread of pathogens

2. No need to waste time to fish

3. High temperature and low temperature resistance, can work at -30 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius

4. Reduce the impact on the environment

5. Enjoy your fish anytime, anywhere

6. Easy to clean the fish pond, you can fold it up when not in use

Features of fish tank:

1. Use 560gsm transparent oil cloth as the main material of the fish pond. The bottom of the fish pond uses heat sealing technology to heat the black oil cloth to make the fish pond look more beautiful and increase the characteristics of the fish pond.

2. Use paint galvanized steel pipe as the support of the fish pond. The bracket of this material is not easy to rust and can extend the life of the fish pond

3. Use stainless steel pipes as connectors

4. Provide free water outlet and fish pond repair materials

5. Support custom logo

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